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Indian Hill Mynahs

Indian Hill Mynahs




Indian Hill Mynahs

About Indian Hill Mynahs for sale

Mynah birds, sometimes spelled Myna, are a tropical Asian species native to Southern Asia, especially in India. There are several species of Mynah under its umbrella including Hill Mynah, Common Mynah, White Vented Mynah, Crested, Golden-Faced, Rothschild and more! Mynah species have become quite common pets because of their charming traits. Indian Hill Mynahs for sale

Of them, the ability to mimic or talk. They have the ability to learn up to 200 words. These smart birds also have excellent memories, remembering people who treat them well fondly and remembering to dislike someone they didn’t appreciate.

The hill mynah it the species of mynah bird that is most commonly seen in aviaries and as pets. As member of the starling family, the hill mynah had black plumage that has a green or purple gloss to it, and bright yellow or orange feather-less skin on its head and nape. The bird is typically just under a foot in length. Hill mynah birds can produce a wide range of calls, from whistles and screeches to human-like sounds to gurgles. The birds are more vocal at sunset and sunrise when they congregate in small groups in the forest canopy. The unique vocalization of the mynah makes it a favorite among bird enthusiast. Indian Hill Mynahs for sale

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