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Hahns Mini Macaw


Hahns Mini Macaw


The Hahn’s macaw is available at Pharell Parrots world is one of the more popular mini-macaw species. Mini macaws have the same physical attributes as their larger macaw cousins, but in scaled-down proportions.They are a favorite of macaw fanciers due to their compact size, intelligence and superb pet quality. Though Hahn’s macaws are not as flashy as larger macaws, they, along with their close cousin, the noble macaw (Ara nobilis cumanensis), is highly prized for their “large macaw” personality in a mini-macaw body.



Hahns macaw for sale

Hahns macaw for sale, is the smallest of all the macaw species.These mini macaw parrots are collectively known as the Red-shouldered Macaws.

The Hahn’s Macaw is not only the smallest of the macaw species, but is the smallest member of the Red-shouldered Macaw group. It is a very tiny macaw reaching only about 12″ (30 cm) in total length.

The Red-shouldered Macaw subspecies are very similar in appearance. All three of these parrots have a green body that becomes more yellow underneath. They also have blue on the forehead and crown, and along the outer primary feathers of the upper wings. The name “red-shouldered” is derived from a red accent along the bend of the wing. The main color distinction between these three is that the Hahn’s Macaw has a black bill, as opposed to the pale cream colored upper beak on the other two.

Because of their small size and coloration, the Red-shouldered Macaws are occasionally confused with conures, particularly the Blue-crowned Conure. This is not surprising as they have a close morphological relationship. In fact, the Blue Crown Conure is actually an inch or two larger than these macaws, reaching up to 14 1/2″ (37 cm) in length.

Hand reared Red-shouldered Macaws are considered the easiest of all the macaws to care for, and make an excellent pet. They become extremely tame and are very easy to manage. They are also very clever mimics, capable of a very large vocabulary for a macaw. The vocabulary of most macaws consists of only about 15 to 20 words.

A hand raised Hahn’s Macaw is an ideal bird for a beginner. They are small and easy to handle, and are very social birds with a friendly and comical nature. They will breed readily both as a single pair or when kept in a group. “Luan” shown above was hand raised and is a male, he has been DNA sexed. The Hahn’s Macaw is an all around good choice for the inexperienced person who wants a larger parrot.

Social Behaviors of hahns macaw for sale

The Hahn’s Macaw, as well as the other two subspecies of Red-shoulders Macaws, are very social birds. and are generally seen in small groups in trees, or in flocks when in flight. In captivity, these birds are lovable, friendly, and intelligent. They are also fun little clowns. They love to play around and can be quite mischievous.

The Hahn’s Macaw parrots can become a very good pet for someone who wants to experience the macaw, but wants a smaller bird. These mini macaws are very social and friendly birds, and can be a good family type bird. They are intelligent and eager for attention and play. With a good disposition and responding well to handling and training, they are ideal for the beginner. But they are a typical macaw and can be cranky at times and may prefer only one person or only one gender.

Macaws do tend to mirror your moods. If you are agitate they can become agitated, but when you are happy and loving, well so is your pet. To have a well-round  bird that enjoys more than one person, make sure it is well socializ with lots of folks.

Care and Feeding

As with any other bird, the Hahn’s macaw parrots needs a well-balanced, nutritious diet to survive, the lack of which will greatly reduce its life span. Macaws need a nutritious, interesting diet. Check out Lafeber’s Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes, and Premium Daily Diet.

These birds need space and exercise, and will become overweight if confined for too many hours a day. Remember, too, that macaws are extremely intelligent birds and need a lot of stimulation to maintain a healthy attitude. A depressed or unhappy macaw can develop neurosis and self-mutilating disorders. These birds can live for more than 40 to 50 years if cared-for properly. Hahn’s macaws do not require a very large cage like other macaws, however, they do need ample space.