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Black headed caique for sale

Black headed caique for sale

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Black headed caique for sale

Black headed caique for sale is not only one of the most colorful birds in the parrot family, but has a delightful and comical personality. They are very intelligent and quick to learn tricks. They can mimic many environmental sounds but Caiques in general are not known to be good talkers. Being quite social and outgoing, they are affectionate and inquisitive, and they love to show off.

A distinguishing characteristic of the Caique is a lovely ruffle looking white breast and belly. This gave rise to it’s name. ‘Caique’ is a term use to describe a full-dress, white shirt, with a ruffle front.

Black-headed Caique has a mostly black head with the cheeks, throat, thighs and flanks an orange-yellow. They also have an orange band across the hind neck border by a few bluish feathers. The back, wings, rump and upper tail are green and the breast and belly are creamy-white. The tip of the tail is yellow.

Social Behaviors of Black headed caique for sale

Caiques enjoy human interaction as well as interaction with other birds. In the wild the Black-headed Caiques are very social birds usually seen in family groups or flocks of up to thirty birds. They are highly social birds with a very active nature.They will require a lot of interaction with either you or from another companion.
But despite this overall affectionate nature, the Black-headed Caique can get rather grumpy and nippy and can be aggressive to other birds. They should never be left unsupervise with other pets.

Toys are a staple of the caique’s energy-diet. Caiques are always “on the go” and love to play with toys, especially toys that they can demolish. Be sure to have a steady supply of new toys on hand to replace the old ones when they become ragge or are disassemble. You’ll have to experiment with several types of toys to find your caique’s favorites. Fortunately, there are many types of toys on the market to choose from, but make sure that they are safe before you give them to your caique.

Care and feeding

A roomy cage is require unless the bird is to be let out for extende periods. Many birds can spend a good deal of their time on a play pen or parrot perch.
In the wild these birds eat fruits, seeds, and berries from the tree tops. The Caique’s main diet should primarily be seeds, fruits, and green vegetables. A commercially prepare parrot mix or pellete diet can also be beneficial.

Though the caique is a medium-size bid, it needs a large environment. This energetic bird will suffer greatly from being confine to a small cage. Think about building a small aviary if you can, or at least provide your caique with the largest housing you can afford. Make sure that the bar-spacing is appropriate for a bird of its size and that there’s a grating on the bottom of the cage. This playful bird will discover the weaknesses in its cage in no time, so be sure that the cage is of quality construction, such as those made from stainless steel.

As with most parrots, caiques thrive on a pellet-base diet that is supplement with fresh fruit and vegetables. Nutri-Berries are an especially good food for caiques because they offer fun foraging and balance nutrition.


The female will lay up to four eggs which incubate for about 25 days. The male will feed the female while she is brooding,

and will join her in the nest box at various times during the day and at night. The hatchlings will leave the nest at about 14 weeks.


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  1. I was looking for a caique and Eli had one left. Living 4 hours away,I had no way to go get him. Pharrell found an airport nearby and kept in constant contact with me until Oakley got here. After Oakley arrived he called and texted to make sure we were doing okay. Oakley is just so sweet and friendly. I highly recommend Pharrell’s Parrots for your next feathered friend. Thank you Pharrell for all you have done to get my baby to me. Above and beyond my expectations!!

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