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Bronze Wing Pionus

Bronze Wing Pionus




Bronze Wing Pionus

About Bronze Wing Pionus

Like many other types of Pionus parrots, the Bronze-Winged Pionus hails from South America. These are very uniquely colored birds — once you know what a Bronze-Wing Pionus looks like, you aren’t likely to forget! These birds prefer to spend their time in the woodlands and forested areas as opposed to plains, as they like to seek shelter and cover in the foliage. Popular in captivity, the Bronze-Wing Pionus can be found in pet homes all over the world.  Bronze Wing Pionus for Sale

Pionus Behavior

The Bronze-Wing Pionus is know for having a gentle and calm disposition for a parrot. They form very strong bonds with their owners, and they revel in being able to spend time with them. Plenty of social interaction is an important key to the successful keeping of a Bronze-Winged Pionus. Those interested in adopting one of these birds should make sure that they can devote a significant amount of each day to playing and interacting with their pet.


Some Bronze-Wing Pionus may have a tendency to become “one person” birds, showing extreme devotion to their owners and shunning attention from other people. Those adopting a young Bronze-Wing Pionus are encourage to have their entire family interact with the bird regularly, in an effort to prevent this type of behavior. When well cared for, the Bronze-Winged Pionus can live for about 30 years.

We offer mostly weaned babies  so that the owner can train them and create a perfect family bond. Breeder Pairs also available.

NB!! Instructions and feeding manuals offered for free. Bronze Wing Pionus for Sale

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