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Gorgeous Yellow Napped Amazon


Gorgeous Yellow Napped Amazon




Gorgeous Yellow Napped Amazon

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot for sale


This sweetie pie lives to snuggle and is super friendly. He/She also enjoys wooden toys. He also has “appropriated” a bell toy from another cage, that it loved to play with. Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot fro sale

Yellow naped amazon for sale online

Yellow naped amazon for sale,the Yellow-naped Amazon, is also known as the Golden Yellow naped Amazon.They are the ultimate in affection, clever and obedient, and gentle. They actually think of themselves as “little people”!

This Amazon is mostly a green birds, but gets its name from a bright yellow patch that develops on the nape of the neck. The Golden Yellow-naped Amazon is very similar to several other Amazon species that also develop yellow markings. One of these very popular Amazons is the Double Yellow-headed Amazon Amazona oratrix. Its entire head rather than just the nape becomes yellow. Another is the the Yellow-crowned Amazon Amazona ochrocepha that develops a patch of yellow the crown.

When they are young it is difficult to tell any of these yellow marked Amazons apart. The yellow markings develop as they age over a period of about four years. Besides color there are some other differences between these parrots. They differ from each other in things like body size, temperament, and talking ability. It’s important to know which Amazon you are getting so you know what to expect.

The Yellow-naped Amazon is consider to be an excellent all around bird. It is very popular as a great pet and can be one of the better talkers. Besides being quite intelligent, which makes them easy to tame and train, they are very fun and affectionate. This pet parrot is very social and enjoys the company of people as well as other birds. They will form very strong bonds with their owner, becoming fast friends and exhibit total confidence. They are also a hardy robust bird and can do well in either a cage or an


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One thought on “Gorgeous Yellow Napped Amazon

  1. We got our double yellow-headed Amazon from Pharrell parrots. She has been great with everyone and even the crazy kids. Pharrell made sure she was healthy and weaned before she came home.

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